How Can e-Visa Immigration Services Help Me?

If you are already in Canada and want to explore your options to stay longer or even permanently then we can help. Whether you have already applied for a Visa and have hit a ‘speed bump’ or don’t even know where to begin then we can help clear the way.

Why is there a charge for consultation?

To determining whether you qualify to migrate is a complex process and requires a thorough review of your situation, career history, medical and character details as well as your potential employability.

We are experts at what we do. We only deal with those people who are committed to the process and we give them the same commitment by completing a detailed, thorough and expert review of their situation.

If you are located in Vancouver then why not call us today to make an appointment. We can provide one and one consultation for a very small cost and we can give you a full and accurate answer on whether or not you can make Canada your home. If you aren’t in Vancouver, Canada, we can conduct this assessment by phone or Skype.

How do I Register for Consultation?

Simple, call us on 604-979-0909 or email us at: Speak to one of our team who will determine whether or not a consultation is worthwhile and then set up a time to discuss your assessment in detail.  Register for One on One Consultation Now.

Where are we located?

Our offices is conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver

Unit 1030 – 1040, West Georgia St.

Vancouver, BC

V6E 4H1

Phone: 604-979-0909