Pros and Cons of Immigrating to Canada

14 October, 2021

Pros and Cons of Immigrating to Canada

Today we are going to talk about the Pros and Cons of Immigrating to Canada

It’s always exciting to move to a new country and get to know new places. Also, depending on where you are moving from, you may have more career and earning opportunities than you did in your home country. 

However, immigrating usually means leaving your friends, family and everything you know behind and starting over somewhere else to a new place that you need some time understanding or fitting into.

Well, it can't be all that bad living in Canada since the country has one of the highest naturalization rates in the world. And about 98% of new immigrants do not regret their choice of moving to Canada.

Today, we will discuss some pros and cons of living in Canada.

  1. Exploring Canada


Exploring this big, beautiful country is something you should do when you live in Canada. It might take you forever to see and experience all the wonders of Canada but it’ll be worth it. Canada is every traveller’s dream destination with its exquisite natural environment (Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls), European architecture (Quebec City), small maritime towns and endless museums, restaurants, festivals, and parades.


Exploring Canada may come with a high price tag. Domestic air travel in Canada is surprisingly very expensive. Some say it's cheaper to fly from Toronto to a city in the USA and then to Vancouver instead of taking a direct flight from Toronto to Vancouver. This is largely due to the fact that there is little to no competition among airlines.

  1. The People


It’s not just a stereotype. Canadians really are extremely friendly, humble, polite, and apologetic people by nature which makes it very easy to make new friends and invite your neighbours over for dinner. Canadians are also very welcoming to newcomers and immigrants of all races, ethnicities, and cultures. Canada is, after all, a proudly multicultural nation.


Speaking very directly and frankly can be a bad thing. You may be perceived as rude. Usually, Canadians are very thoughtful in the way they express their feelings and may not be so direct. So this is something you have to consider. Canadians are also usually very reserved and it may be more difficult to make new friends in Canada. 

3. Credit Score


When a new immigrant moves to Canada, they do not carry over their credit history from their old country. This can be quite inconvenient if you’ve built up a good credit score and would like to invest in property, apply for a mortgage loan or a credit card right away.


The good news is that major banks in Canada offer newcomer packages which include a credit card with a low monthly limit and even bank loans.

Even better: If you didn’t have a good credit score back in your old country inconvenient, you get to start on a clean slate when you live in Canada. Now, remember to pay those bills on time.

4. Free Universal Healthcare


Canada is consistently ranked as one of the countries with the best healthcare system in the world due to its care and quality. Canada strongly believes that every person has a right to equal and exceptional healthcare. Although Medicare is tax-funded, Canada allocates a big portion of its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on healthcare. 


Many newcomers to Canada don’t know this but there is a 3-month waiting period before you can apply for your public health insurance card in Canada and access any free healthcare services. For this reason, it’s important to get private health insurance during this interim.

Canada’s universal health care only covers medically necessary healthcare. That means, if you need an operation you’ll be covered but if you need braces or prescription glasses, you’ll have to pay for it out of your own pocket or you can do what everyone else does - get private health insurance to cover the gaps that Medicare doesn’t.

5. The Weather


It is good that Canada has 4 well-defined seasons. We can enjoy a beautiful summer, be amazed by the colourful fall season and also enjoy the winter playing outside with the snow and having a good time with winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. 


If you are moving from a tropical country, it may take some time for you to adjust to the Canadian winter. In some provinces, the winter can get as cold as -20 or -30 degrees and this is a lot, but do not worry! You won't feel cold, because the cities offer an amazing infrastructure with a heating system, and also clothing available that will make sure that you won't feel cold even when you are outside. 

All-in-all, when it comes to the real important things that directly affect your quality of life like health, safety, affordability, education, job opportunities, freedom and equality - Canada ranks top.

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I hope you liked our tips!

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