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We have already talked about the cost of living in Vancouver, British Columbia. But for those who want to live in Toronto, Ontario, now it’s your turn!

There are plenty of reasons to live in Toronto: High Quality Education (The University of Toronto is considered one of the best education institutions in the world); Great job opportunities (Toronto is Canada’s largest industrial hub, with high demand for workers mainly in the Technology field); High Quality of life (With more than 1600 parks and 800 kilometers of cycle path, there are plenty of outdoor activities!).

But how much does it cost to live in Toronto? Just as we mentioned in our blog post about the cost of living in Vancouver, a lot will depend on the lifestyle you want to have! If you are a person who likes to go out, try top-notch cuisine, you will obviously spend more than a homey person or someone who cooks their own meals. 

Before we start talking about your spending, it is important to keep in mind the minimum wage in Ontario. In June 2020, the minimum salary that a worker receives in Ontario is $ 14.25 an hour. This does not mean that this will be your actual income: Depending on your position or area of ​​activity in the Canadian labor market, this number may be significantly higher.

Rent in Toronto

When a person makes the decision to immigrate to Canada, one of the newcomer’s biggest concerns is housing.

The cost of renting in Toronto will depend a lot on the area you wish to live in. If you are determined to live in downtown Toronto, the price will be relatively higher than living in other neighbourhoods around the Great Toronto Area. 

These prices ​​are estimates based on the current average (as of June 2020) and may vary depending on the time of year and location chosen.

To rent a one bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto, you would pay between CAD $ 2100 and CAD $ 2300. Now, if you are willing to move to regions like Mississauga or Etobicoke, the rental price for a 1 bedroom apartment is between CAD $ 1700 and CAD $ 1900.

Something important about renting in Toronto is that most landlords now require tenants to have tenant insurance, and the price of insurance for a one-bedroom unit in Toronto would cost around CAD $ 35 per month. 

Basic Utilities such as electricity and water are often already included in the rent, but if not, it will cost about CAD $ 140 for an apartment of approximately 85 square meters. 

Remember that depending on your lifestyle, you can always find roommates to share expenses with you! 

Public transport costs

The Toronto Public Transport System is administered by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), and just like Vancouver, it is an integrated system that includes bus, tram and subway lines. The Toronto public transport is the third busiest system in North America!

And if in Vancouver there is the Compass Card that covers the city’s integrated transport system, in Toronto, we have the Presto Pass! You Can purchase the monthly transportation plan (TTC Monthly Pass) for CAD $ 156 a month, while a 12-month plan would cost around CAD $ 143 a month. 

If you prefer to get around by car, Toronto offers several options for transportation services such as taxis, Uber and Lyft. This method of transportation is extremely popular in the city – according to Statistics Canada, people from Toronto together spent $ 241 million on these services in 2016! 

Supermarket in Toronto

The monthly expense of supermarkets for those who live in Toronto will depend a lot on the person’s lifestyle: What they buy and especially, where they buy. Supermarkets like No Frills, Canadian Superstore and Walmart offer cheaper options, while chains like Whole Foods, Safeway and IGA have a different selection of products, but at a higher price. Overall, a single person in Toronto spends about CAD $ 250 to CAD $ 350 a month on groceries.

Restaurants and entertainment

We are all human, and we deserve to have some fun from time to time, right?

If you are more of a stay-at-home person, and prefer to order a delivery (who does not like food being delivered to your door, ready to eat, and without having a mess to clean up afterwards?), The most popular delivery apps in Toronto are Uber Eats, Door Dash and Skip the Dishes. Now, if you want to have a night out, go on a date or go out with friends, a dinner for two in Toronto costs around CAD $ 50 to CAD $ 100, and that will depend on the restaurant you choose, either a more casual or sophisticated place. If you want to add a movie to your night for two, add about CAD $ 30 to your budget. 

But don’t forget that there are always things to do without spending money in Toronto! There are countless parks and community centers at your disposal. Have a picnic or play a game of soccer at no cost!

Toronto Health Care

Now for the good news: Ontario Health Care is free!

You are eligible to apply for the OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) if you: 

  • Are a Canadian Citizen or
  • Are a Permanent Resident or
  • Have a work permit that is valid for more than 6 months.

Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for the Public Health System in Ontario, so they should get private health insurance.

Phone plans 

Like almost everything on this list, the monthly cost of a Toronto cell phone plan will depend on the provider and the type of plan you choose. The most common providers are Bell, Rogers and Telus. Among them, for a 10 GB data plan, the average cost is CAD $ 75 per month. 


Overall, if you make wise choices, you can definitely make Toronto your home even on a budget! 

Did we forget anything? Do you have any questions? Comment below! 

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