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Immigrate to Canada as a Self-Employed Worker

What does it mean to be a self-employed worker?

There are several immigration programs to Canada, such as Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Atlantic Programs, StartUp Visa, and our theme today is the self-employed program, a program aimed at those who work as freelancers in the fields of Culture, arts and sports.

By definition, a self-employed person is a service provider who does not have an employment relationship, or an individual who exercises some economic activity on his own.

However, not all self-employed people are eligible to immigrate to Canada through the Self-Employed program, which can be confusing for many.

To immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person through the self-employed program, you must have experience as a self-employed person in areas related to cultural, arts and sports activities. Such experience must be relevant in a way that makes it clear that you are able to perform this role independently in Canada.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Self-Employed program?

Just like the immigration system to Canada known as Express Entry, the eligibility of the Self-Employed program is also a points-based system, with 35 points being the minimum necessary to be eligible to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person.


The scoring criteria of the Self Employed immigration program


Many think that age is a decisive factor when planning their immigration to Canada, but they are wrong! While it is true that those between the ages of 21 and 49 receive the maximum score on this criteria (10 points), it does not mean that there is a maximum age to immigrate to Canada in this program.

Language proficiency (English or French)

The self-employed program is very different from express entry in the language proficiency criteria. First, while Express Entry uses the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) as a rating, if you are preparing to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person, your level will be assessed as basic, intermediate or advanced, and you can receive up to 24 points on this requirement.

But here’s good news for those concerned with their language level to immigrate to Canada as freelancers: even if you have a basic level of English or French, you can still apply for the self employed program! Of course, this will depend on your area of ​​expertise, and whether proficiency in the language is essential or not for you to exercise your function here.


In the self-employed immigration program, the education criteria can guarantee you up to 25 points. Of course, the higher your school level, the higher your score. A bachelor, for example, has 20 points, and a PhD, 25 points in that category.


The adaptability category has a maximum score of 6 points and takes into account your spouse’s level of English, study experience and work.

If you have previous study or work experience within Canada, you can also guarantee a score in this criteria.


Personal Trainer

To be eligible, you must have at least 2 years of experience in the last 5 years. Logically, such an experience must be as a self-employed person in the areas of culture, arts or sports, and you must intend to continue exercising that role in Canada.

The score for those who have 2 years of experience in the last 5 years is 20 points, while those who have 5 years of experience, already receive the 35 points necessary for the eligibility to apply for the self employed visa.

Are you ready to kick-start your Canadian life?

An immigration process such as the Self-employed is very detailed and needs to be prepared thoroughly, so in this case, the help of an immigration consultant is essential. So, what are you waiting for? Make your appointment with e-Visa right now.

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