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If you plan to Study in Canada for longer than 24 weeks, this is the right visa for you. By applying for the Study Visa ( Sx or SX-1), you will be allowed to study take Language courses (English or French), study a High School program or perfect your studies on a Bachelor Degree, Post-Degree or MBA inside Canada. 

Benefits of studying in Canada includes career development and the chance to work up to 20h per week when studying a Higher-Education course.

What are the requirements to apply?

To start your Study Visa, you have to be accepted by a learning institution inside Canada. You will then receive a letter of acceptance (LOA) that must be attached to your visa application.

What is the processing time?

The processing time for Study visas may vary according to the number of cases being processed. Check with our team for updated information.

Can I change my status from Visitor to Student?

Yes. You will have to apply for a change of status within Canada. Consult our team at for details. 


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