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What you should know before coming to Canada – Documents

There are lots of steps before come to Canada, despite every newcomers situation is different this post only brings an idea what documents are very important no matter what country you are come from. Thus, this list provides a relation of documents you should bring with you before move to Canada as a permanent resident. Collect and bring to Canada all official documents belonging to you and the family members who are immigrating with you. Common documents include:

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • marriage or divorce certificate; death certificate for a deceased spouse
  • adoption records for adopted children
  • educational diplomas and certificates; transcripts that list the courses you took to obtain a degree or certificate
  • official vaccination records
  • medical records (prescriptions, test results, x-rays, allergies, etc.,) and dental records
  • driver’s license and/or International Driving Permit (IDP)
It is often much more difficult to obtain these documents after you have left your country of origin. If the original documents are not in English or French (Canada’s official languages), you will need to obtain certified translations. If you are immigrating to Quebec, it is best to translate the documents into French. Otherwise, it is generally most useful to translate the documents into English. When presenting your documents to Canadian officials always provide the original, the certified translation, and the name and contact information of the translation agency. If you need to translate documents from English to French or from French to English, this can be done in Canada. Tip: If you have family members that will be immigrating at a later date, you should bring copies of their documents with you as well. Source: