Alberta will prioritize candidates who have family in the province

20 January, 2023

Alberta will prioritize candidates who have family in the province

The province of Alberta has announced that it will adjust its immigration process to facilitate the move to Canada for those who already have ties to the area.

The announcement detailed that 25% of provincial Express Entry nominations will go to candidates in high-demand occupations with immediate family members who already live in Alberta. Immediate family members are parents, children or siblings who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents residing in Alberta.

"This approach will help ensure Alberta's economy will prosper by dedicating a portion of provincial nominations toward in-demand workers who will have a great support network right from day one," commented Rajan Sawhney, Alberta's minister of trade, immigration and multiculturalism.

This move by Alberta is a strategic one that will benefit both the province and the incoming immigrants. By prioritizing candidates who already have family in the province, Alberta is not only ensuring that immigrants have a support system in place, but it is also addressing the issue of brain drain. Brain drain refers to the loss of skilled individuals who leave their home country for better opportunities elsewhere. By attracting immigrants who already have ties to the area, Alberta is increasing the chances that these skilled workers will stay within the province and contribute to its economic growth.

For candidates who are interested in immigrating to Alberta, this announcement is good news. Having immediate family members in the province will increase their chances of receiving a provincial nomination, which will give them an advantage in the Express Entry system. It is important to note, however, that having family in Alberta does not guarantee a nomination. Candidates must still meet the eligibility requirements and have the necessary skills and experience in an in-demand occupation. Nevertheless, this announcement provides hope and motivation for those who are considering Alberta as their destination of choice.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) -

is a provincial program that allows Alberta to nominate individuals who have the skills and experience required to fill labour market gaps in the province. The program is designed to attract skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and students to the province.

The AINP has a number of different streams, including the Alberta Opportunity Stream, the Alberta Express Entry Stream, and the Self-Employed Farmer Stream. Each stream has its own criteria and requirements, and candidates must meet the eligibility requirements for the stream they are applying under.

With the new changes to the AINP, candidates who have a family member living in Alberta will receive additional points when their application is assessed. This is designed to encourage people to move to Alberta and to help them settle in the province more easily.

The AINP is an important program for Alberta, as it allows the province to attract and retain skilled workers who can contribute to the province's economy. By prioritizing candidates who have family in the province, Alberta is showing its commitment to supporting families and communities in the province.

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