The Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP) allows those who are applying for permanent residence to continue working while their application is in process.


Certain Permanent Resident applicants with limited work permit validity can experience a time restriction before their application final decision. Therefore, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) decided to offer a work permit to “bridge” the gap between the expiry of their current work permit and the decision on the application for permanent residence


One of the eligibility criteria for BOWP is a previous application under one of the following programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class

  • Canadian Experience Class

  • Federal Skilled Trades Class

  • Provincial Nominee Program

  • Caring for Children Class

  • Caring for People with High Medical Needs Class

  • Agri-Food Pilot

  • Quebec Skilled Worker


Applicants must also:

  • currently, be in Canada,

  • meet one of the following criteria:

    • have valid temporary resident status and authorization to work as the holder of a valid work permit.

    • have maintained status and authorization to work as a result of submitting an application to renew their work permit.

  • be eligible to restore their temporary resident status with authorization to work on a work permit.

  • select “Open Work Permit” as the type of work permit being applied for, and

  • Pay the work permit processing fee and the Open Work Permit Holder fee.

If the permanent resident application is not complete, IRCC will refuse the Bridging Open Work Permit application and will not refund the processing fees. Previously, BOWP had to wait until their current work permit was within four months of expiration before applying — this time constraint was removed in 2021.


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