Discover Why Canada Ranks as the 2nd Best Country in the World

12 September, 2023

Discover Why Canada Ranks as the 2nd Best Country in the World

In the latest 2023 Best Countries ranking by U.S. News, Canada has secured the second position globally this year, with Switzerland claiming the top spot.
Completing the top five overall countries are Sweden, Australia, and the United States.
Canada's ascent to the second position marks an improvement from its third-place ranking in 2022, according to U.S. News.
These rankings were determined by U.S. News, who assessed 10 distinct sub-categories, ranking the top 20 countries in each, and subsequently compiling an overall ranking of 87 countries.
U.S. News conducted a comprehensive survey involving more than 17,000 participants from 36 countries. This diverse group included business leaders, college-educated individuals from the middle class or higher, and citizens who were considered “nationally representative” for each respective country. The survey meticulously examined the following 10 sub-categories:


1. Entrepreneurship
2. Quality of Life
3. Social Purpose
4. Cultural Influence
5. Open for Business
6. Adventure
7. Power
8. Heritage
9. Agility
10. Movers


The ranking of Canada in the subcategories


In the U.S. News rankings, Canada secured a place among the top five countries in four out of the ten sub-categories:


  • In the Entrepreneurship category, Canada claimed the 5th spot, trailing behind the United States (US), Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom (UK).
  • For Quality of Life, Canada achieved a notable 3rd position, following Sweden and Norway.
  • In the Social Purpose sub-category, Canada earned the 4th rank, with Sweden, Norway, and Finland ahead of it. U.S. News' Social Purpose ranking gauges a country's citizens' ability to unite around causes they passionately support, signifying a commitment to progressiveness, inclusivity, and social justice.
  • Canada excelled in the Agility sub-category, securing the 2nd place globally, just behind the US. U.S. News' Agility ranking assesses how effectively a country adapts and responds to challenges, making it a measure of adaptability and resilience.


The ranking of Canada in 2023 Best For Countries


In the 2023 "Best For" Countries rankings, Canada made its mark in various categories. Among the 15 attributes evaluated by U.S. News, Canada consistently secured top positions in nine different areas. Specifically, Canada was recognized as:
  • The 2nd best country for launching a career.
  • The 4th best country for education.
  • The 7th best country for international studies.
  • The 7th best country for raising children.
  • The 2nd best country for promoting racial equality.
  • The 6th best country for women.
  • The 6th best country for a comfortable retirement.
  • The 6th most transparent country.
  • The 2nd best country for corporate headquarters.
Canada's standings, both in U.S. News' 10 sub-categories and their "Best For" countries list, highlight that in numerous areas deemed crucial by newcomers to Canada, the country consistently ranks among the world's best.
Immigrants who choose Canada as their new home do so with the aspiration of creating improved lives for themselves and their families. Consequently, Canada's consistent presence in the top seven across various categories is of significant significance.
This is particularly evident in their rankings for the best countries to start a career and receive an education. Both aspiring and recent newcomers to Canada can take solace in the fact that Canada stands as a premier global hub for skilled professionals and international students alike.
It's worth noting that Canada's educational excellence aligns with its seventh-place ranking for studying abroad, offering a well-rounded educational experience.
Looking ahead, immigrants from diverse backgrounds should also recognize that Canada holds the seventh spot for raising children and the second spot for promoting racial equality. These rankings signify that immigrant parents can have confidence that their children will grow up in an inclusive and accepting environment, offering great promise for their future.
Lastly, Canada's position as the sixth-best country in the world for a comfortable retirement underscores its appeal as a post-career haven. For both native-born residents and immigrants alike, Canada promises a comfortable transition into the later stages of life, a testament to the hard work invested during their earlier years.
In conclusion, Canada's 2023 rankings by U.S. News as the world's second-best country affirm its status as a top destination for immigrants worldwide. Whether it's pursuing education, building a career, starting a family, or enjoying a peaceful retirement, Canada has firmly established itself as one of the premier countries on the global stage for immigrants hailing from all corners of the world.
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