Details On New TR2PR Like Pathway By December 2022

26 September, 2022

Details On New TR2PR Like Pathway By December 2022

Over the weekend, Member of Canadian Parliament Randeep Sarai gave an interview on the issues of motion 44 and TR to PR.


The first point that Randeep Sarai made was that the 120-day period only counts the *parliament session* days.
As motion 44 received assent on May 11, 2022, 120 days will be completed by April-September 2023 per the House of Commons session schedule.

Randeep said he had an excellent conversation with IRCC Minister Sean Fraser. In addition, he explained that there are several steps before Minister Fraser can implement motion 44 and showed great confidence that they will begin implementing all aspects of motion 44 within the next 1-2 months.

Some points commented by Randeep Sarai:

-> He indicated that the IRCC Minister can do the truck drivers' first program or TR program for PR. Then he can do an ongoing program for temporary residents with low English proficiency but more work experience in Canada.


-> Minister Fraser is confidently working to implement as soon as possible the implementation of motion 44 before the end of 2022.


-> There was a meeting in Vancouver where it will now be decided what the annual increase for permanent residents will be. Currently, the yearly target of PRs is 434,000 this year.


-> Sean Fraser is quite determined to make the system efficient and fast, drastically decreasing the current backlog


-> He also said that permanent residency for foreign workers without status will be the second step.


Let's keep hope for (good) surprises from IRCC until the end of this year or the beginning of next year.


But, if you might be eligible for any existing programs, don't wait for the (uncertain) TR2PR.

Contact us and start working with a consultant for your current options to improve your skills.

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