02 December, 2020


Your profile for the express entry will be ranked based on how various aspects of your profile such as age, educational qualification, work experience, adaptability factors, and even spouse-related factors. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) gives you points for each of these factors. Since a high CRS score is the number one way to improve your chances of immigrating to Canada, it’s important that you make the best possible profile.

Check out these tips to create the perfect Express Entry profile:


Check Your Eligibility Very Carefully

Some applicants treat the initial eligibility assessment as a mere formality. It is not. Provide accurate and detailed information, preferably with documentary proof in hand, for an accurate and credible preliminary assessment.
This will ensure the final step of creating your Express Entry profile will be a simpler and easier affair. Further, this will give you more time to analyze the various factors impacting your CRS and to take steps to boost your score and create the perfect profile that will help you qualify for an ITA at the earliest possible time.


Apply Early for High Human Capital Ranking

The CRS grants the highest score if your age is between 20 and 29 years.
The number of points you can receive drops off quickly once you pass 30. While you may be delaying submitting a profile so you can earn more work experience, you might have an age penalty if you wait too long. Remember, your Express Entry profile is valid for one year, but there’s nothing stopping you from submitting again if it expires before you receive an ITA.
The perfect profile would be one where an applicant has acquired quality education and substantial work experience before turning 30 years of age.


Improve your Educational Qualifications

The CRS values education very highly. A high school diploma gives a candidate 30 Comprehensive Ranking System points towards their total Express Entry score, with a degree course of three years or more scoring 120 points. Those with doctorates score 150.
Improving your educational credentials takes time and money. That said, if you do have the resources to go back to school, it can have a massive payoff for your CRS score.


Level of Education

Whatever level of education you claim, you’re going to need an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to prove it. An ECA basically evaluates how your degree compares to the one you would earn in Canada. The Canadian equivalent of your degree is how your profile actually earns points in the CRS. While you may have a Master’s degree, if it’s only equivalent to a Canadian Bachelor’s degree, you’ll only be able to claim up to 120 points (rather than up to 135).
Since the level of education is so important to create the perfect profile, it’s also important that you get your credentials right. While most candidates only need to have their highest earned degree assessed, it may be a good idea to get all of your post-secondary credentials assessed to make sure you’re claiming as many CRS points as possible.


English or French Proficiency

Language proficiency is one of the most important parts of the perfect Express Entry profile. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirement may actually not be enough to have a competitive profile.
Doing well on the language test you take, can significantly increase your CRS score in several ways. It’s also a much easier and quicker way to boost your profile’s competitiveness, compared to improving your educational credentials. You should take the language test as soon as possible. You need the results to assess your initial eligibility, and you can always update your profile if you retake them and get a better score.


 Work Experience

The CRS uses the National Occupational Classification (NOC) Matrix to assign points for work experience. The NOC Matrix assigns a skill level and four-digit code to every occupation in the Canadian labor force. Identify and claim your NOC code is really important when creating your Express Entry profile.


Comprehensive Details in the Profile

Remember that whatever NOC code you claim when you create your Express Entry profile, you’re going to have to be able to prove if you receive an ITA.
For Canadian immigration purposes, your job title doesn’t matter much. You need to choose the NOC code that matches your actual job duties. If you include a detailed description of your duties and responsibilities, it can improve your chances of receiving an ITA and obtaining permanent residence in Canada.


Don’t Forget your Spouse

Your profile is assigned different CRS points depending on whether or not you’re applying with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner. Your Express Entry profile can actually earn points for your partner’s “core human capital” factors, such as work experience and language proficiency. Try calculating your score with and without your partner, to see which would be more competitive.
Also, try calculating how many points your partner’s profile would receive if they were the principal applicant instead of you. They might just be more competitive.
If you choose to apply without your spouse and are granted permanent residence, you can always sponsor them for permanent residence later.
Immigration Tip: If you have a spouse or common-law partner, you can double your chances by both submitting an Express Entry profile. If you or your partner receives an ITA, the other one can  withdraw their profile.


How to prepare for the Canadian job market:

  • Build your network. Networking can be a great source to find new job opportunities.

Job searching is a process. Relying solely on online postings and applying to them is only a part of the puzzle.

  • Customize your resume in the Canadian format.
  • Hire a career consultant. Here at E-Visa We offer the most complete career consulting on the market! We offer personalized support for you, for six months. We will help you with the first steps of planning your career in Canada until you enter the Canadian job market

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada contact us now! We can make Canada your home.




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