Canada is facing a hiring crisis

05 November, 2021

Canada is facing a hiring crisis

Canada is facing a hiring crisis

The world scenario showed that workers hard hit by the pandemic would be fighting for work, but that is not quite the case.

Gone are the days when employers advertised a job offer and resume started to rain. According to a new study by the Business Development Bank of Canada, small and medium-sized businesses across Canada cannot find enough workers to fill the vacancies.

Pensions are projected to remain high until at least 2026, and 20% of workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic have moved to work.
Some of the hiring difficulties also include lack of candidates, lack of skills and lack of experience.

On the one hand, many companies find it challenging to find the right candidates for open positions.

On the other hand, many applicants (especially newcomers) find it quite challenging to get a good job.

We believe this problem exists, in part, because candidates and companies are speaking different languages. It can be minimized when:

A) Candidates learn about who employers want to hire, what skills and competencies they value and how they assess them and then position themselves in ways that leave no doubt that they have those skills and competencies.

B) When they learn to use networking techniques when navigating the job search process.

C) When companies recognize the value of experience and skills acquired outside of Canada and consider the potential for future contribution more than past experience.

A recent study shows that 61% of companies that have adopted new technologies and automation find talent much easier, even those that don't have "Canadian experience".

Remember that during the pandemic, immigration dropped substantially, but the federal government stepped up programs and hopes to add more than 400,000 new residents in 2021.

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