Do not open your Express Entry profile without first reading about Dual Intent

20 January, 2023

Do not open your Express Entry profile without first reading about Dual Intent

Dual Intent means that a foreign citizen has two intentions: permanent and temporary residence status. Foreigners who apply for a temporary resident visa in Canada and have already applied for or demonstrated an intention to apply for permanent residence in Canada are within the dual intent category.

If you open your Express Entry profile, you should be attentive when applying for your temporary visa, as this demonstrates your intention to settle permanently in Canada.

But I want to study with the intention of immigrating; what should I do?

Canada encourages immigration, and students and temporary workers may be the most suitable candidates for immigration to the country.

Suppose you open an Express Entry profile and, halfway through, decide to study in Canada. In that case, you will need to present a Dual Intent letter, demonstrating to the official that your desire is legitimate, that your chances of immigrating are in line with reality and that you will not stay in the country illegally. In addition, this letter must demonstrate that you and your family can return to your country when your visa expires and that you will not try to stay in Canada at any cost illegally.

It is always important to remember that an application with Dual Intent includes new points for the officer's assessment. As a result, more details will be observed; consequently, more items may be considered a risk.

It is always good to remember that in many cases the well-crafted dual intention in the process can be very favourable in applying for a temporary visa. Therefore, it the importance of working with an immigration consultant who can help you prepare your Express Entry profile and align the dual intention in your visa application.

Your plan should be strategic from start to finish, from the ideal moment to open your Express Entry profile to the visa stage.

** IRCC updates Dual Intent Application in March'2023:

The Canadian government has announced that applying for a temporary and permanent visa at the same time should be seen as complementary, not contradictory.

IRCC also added a section on Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident Programs, reminding officers that Canada actively promotes these programs to foreign nationals and that Canadian work experience is a strong indicator for successful immigration.

Instructions on the Canadian government website state that if the officer is satisfied that the applicant will leave Canada at the end of their authorized stay "regardless of any negative outcome for an ongoing or potential future permanent residence application, the temporary residence application may be approved."

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