The Ultimate Guide: How to Become a Canadian Citizen

05 February, 2024

The Ultimate Guide: How to Become a Canadian Citizen

Canadian citizenship carries immense significance and holds deep meaning for numerous individuals. For many, it symbolizes the promise of a more promising and fulfilling life.
The Canadian Citizenship Act was officially implemented on January 1, 1947, during the tenure of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. Since its inception, the Citizenship Act has undergone amendments to mirror the values of Canada as a multicultural society. The advent of the pandemic prompted innovative measures in Canadian citizenship, including the introduction of virtual citizenship ceremonies.


Steps to Qualify for Canadian Citizenship


1. Obtain Permanent Residency
2. Fulfilling Residency Criteria
To meet the residency requirement for Canadian citizenship, you need to have been physically present in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days (equivalent to three years) within the five years preceding your citizenship application. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recommends applying with more than 1,095 days of Canadian residence to prevent potential calculation issues.
If you were in Canada as a temporary resident, you may be eligible to include that time towards your residency requirement. Each day spent in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person in the last five years counts as half a day when calculating your physical presence. IRCC permits the inclusion of up to 365 days as a temporary resident or protected person in your overall physical presence calculation.
Temporary residents encompass visitors, students, workers, or holders of temporary resident permits. Protected persons are individuals identified as in need of protection or recognized as convention refugees by the Immigration and Refugee Board, or those who received a positive decision on a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment from IRCC.
In broad terms, time spent outside of Canada does not contribute to fulfilling your physical presence requirements, with a few exceptions. Notably, permanent residents employed in the United States may potentially count days spent in the US toward their physical presence requirement, provided they reside in Canada and return to the country for at least part of each day.
3. Submit Your Tax Returns
To be eligible for Canadian citizenship, it is necessary to file taxes in Canada for a minimum of three years within the five years preceding your citizenship application.
Even if your stay in Canada was only partial within a given year, you may still be obligated to file an income tax return if you:
  • Are required to pay taxes for the year.
  • Seek to claim a refund.
  • Intend to receive benefit and credit payments.
4. Successfully Navigate the Canadian Citizenship Test
Individuals aged 18 to 54, applying for Canadian citizenship, are required to undergo a citizenship test. This examination assesses knowledge on the rights and responsibilities of Canadians, along with Canada's history, geography, economy, government, laws, and symbols. The test, available in English or French, lasts for 30 minutes, featuring multiple-choice and true or false questions. Achieving a score of 15 out of 20 is necessary to pass.
5. Demonstrate Language Proficiency
Applicants aged 18 to 54 must also exhibit proficiency in English or French, attaining a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level of 4 or higher in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) evaluates language skills through various means, including:
6. Evaluating language skills in a hearing with a citizenship official, if required.
Proof of language ability can include educational credentials or transcripts submitted in English or French (certified translations accepted by IRCC), evidence of attending an English or French secondary or post-secondary educational program, either abroad or in Canada. Language test results completed as part of the Canadian permanent residence application are also acceptable.
7. Count on e-Visa Immigration assistance
Over 85% of Canadian immigrants become citizens. Navigating the Canadian citizenship process can be facilitated with the assistance of an immigration firm. Therefore, count on e-Visa Immigration and our team of regulated consultants! Book an appointment and check your eligibility.
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