14 May, 2020



The dream of looking for new opportunities outside your home country is not unusual. And those who choose to immigrate to Canada often share the same reason: a better quality of life, whether seeking greater security, economic stability, access to quality health care, protection of human rights or an inclusive society.

Although Canada can not be considered a “perfect” country, it does give its inhabitants the freedom and the means to earn a dignified and honest life. Thus, it is not surprising that the number of people looking to immigrate to Canada rises every year.

The Canadian immigration system promotes those in high demand professions while encouraging international students in enrolling in a Canadian institution. So, if you have your mind set on coming to Canada, you have two options: live in Canada permanently, or only for a temporary period.

1 - Living in Canada as an Exchange Student.


Study in Canada

Studying in Canada is the main approach for those who intend to temporarily live in Canada. The types of courses available to foreign students range from English and French programs, to higher education courses taught at public and private educational institutions. To study in a higher education program in Canada, a foreigner usually needs to apply for a study visa called “Study Permit”, which involves several requirements, such as: financial proof, genuineness of the intention to study, links with the country of origin, history of international travel, among others.

The benefits of studying in Canada are numerous, from improving proficiency in English or French, developing your academic level, or the opportunity to gain international professional experience for those who come to study higher education programs. And for those who wish to permanently immigrate, coming through studies is one of the most interesting plans for families, given that several higher education programs allow spouses to work full time and children to study for free, thus helping in the family’s economic self-sufficiency and valuing a potential profile for permanent residence in Canada


2 - Living in Canada with a Permanent Residency


Live in Canada

Certainly, the main goal for most people living in Canada temporarily is to get a permanent residency card. Being a permanent resident in Canada basically means that the new immigrant no longer must worry about having an “expiration date” in the country. In other words, the right to call Canada their home.

The Canadian population is equivalent to that found in several European countries, with a more mature profile as a result of high life expectancy rate associated with a low birth rate. This means that the country finds itself with difficulty in generating qualified labor to keep the economy growing in the long run. Therefore, Canada has a very favorable domestic policy to attract new immigrants. In the second half of 2018, the Canadian government announced a multi-year immigration plan, which foresees receiving more than 1 million new immigrants by 2021.

There are countless categories of processes and ways of immigrating to Canada. There are federal processes, like the famous Express Entry;  provincial processes, like for example the BCPNP (immigration process from the province of British Columbia). The process most coveted by potential immigrants is the Express Entry, which is essentially an online system that assigns scores to the different details of the profile of a potential Canadian immigrant. The factors that receive points are: age, proficiency in one of the official languages ​​(English and / or French), years of qualified work experience, academic training, among others. The Canadian government periodically runs rounds of invitations to potential immigrants who score higher on the Express Entry system. However, in addition to Express Entry, there are different opportunities, both federal and provincial, that benefit different profiles of potential immigrants.


Due to the different ways and categories for a foreigner to qualify to apply for permanent residence in Canada, a certified immigration consultant becomes an advantageous differential in this journey. Having a regulated representative who can assist and guide you through your process of immigrating to Canada, preparing and sending bureaucratic requirements, is definitely an investment with a positive return. Precisely for this reason, our Canadian Immigration Regulatory Consultants (RCIC) team at e-Visa Immigration Services is the perfect team to help you and your family make Canada your new home.


Are you ready to live in Canada, either as a student or immigrant? Then be sure to contact our team so we can help you in your dream of making Canada your home!

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