The Client acknowledges and agrees that all fees paid are for the services indicated at the contract. All service fees are due as described at the contract and are non-refundable once such services have been rendered.

The Client further acknowledges and agrees that all payments are not refundable in the event that the application was not approved/ granted for any reason whatsoever.

Moreover, the commitment fee for permanent residency contracts are not refunded in any situation.

Government processing fees may be refunded if application’s processing has not yet started. The Government body processing your application will decide, at their sole discretion, whether or not the government processing fees are refundable. If so, government refunds might take 16 weeks or more.  

If refunded, our team will confirm that money has been received and then return to the client. Any additional fee applicable to return the money, such as wire transfer fees, administrative fees and service provider fees (such as Interac e-transfer fees, PayPal fees, credit card fees and others of the same nature) will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the client. Such fees will be calculated at the time of refund and may vary without notice. 

As a reference, please consider the following:


Method of Payment

Estimated Fees

Interact e-transfer


Paypal Money submission


International Wire Transfer


Administrative Fee


  • Note: If the payment method was via NexPay, WireTransfer or PaytoStudy, the administrative fee will apply, in addition to the bank fees, and it will be deducted from the amount to be returned to cover the administrative work required to carry on the refund (such as going in person to the bank to request the refund via international wire transfer).


Return of any funds are subjected to e-Visa internal administrative processing. 


After processing, the refund will be made within ten business days.




In case of termination of e-Visa Retainer Agreement for any reason, and in the event the company has already sent an initial email including application checklist and templates, or if an e-Visa Analyst and/or Consultant has been assigned and started working in the application, the services will be considered entirely rendered and no refund of the professional fees are applicable. However, all unused third-party fees, including school or government fees will be refunded.  


In case of termination in situations rather than those listed above (e.g: before the initial email has been sent), the Company will retain the minimum of 3 hours hourly service rate, at the amount of CAD$150 per hour, to cover administrative expenses regarding the Application.


Upon request and depending on the circumstances, to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, the contract may be put on hold for a maximum period of six months, renewable once for an additional period of six months. No further renewals are allowed. Additional fees may be applicable to cover the work performed before the hold request and additional government fees, in case of government fee increase, and such fees will be due for payment before the services can continue. After 06 months have passed, the retainer agreement is considered voided and in this situation, the client is not entitled of any refund regarding the professional fees , only unused government fees. 




In case of cancellation for any reason, the commitment fee specified in 4.1(a) is not refundable. It will be retained by the Company to cover administrative costs, regardless of the amount of hours spent on the Application.  

In case of cancellation for any reason following the activation of the Application profile, the fee specified in 4.1 (b) is not refundable and will be retained by the Company to cover the cost of the work performed and associated administrative costs, regardless of the amount of hours spent by the Company on the Application. 

If the Client decided to cancel our retainer agreement at any time, in addition to the amounts specified in clauses 5.1 and 5.2. In that case, a cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining contract amount will be due immediately upon the Company’s receipt of such cancellation request. 

Please note, the maximum contract validity is 12 months. A renewal fee is applicable once 12 months of signature has passed OR in case an application profile has been created, whichever occurs last once the application profile expires. The renewal period is up to 90-days from the expiration date. 

The Company’s obligations under the Retainer Agreement will automatically become void on a day that is 12 months from the date of the entering into the Retainer Agreement (the “Expiration Date”), the Client was unable to produce the documents necessary to proceed with the Application or in the event that the Client’s Express Entry profile expires after one year (the “Expiration Date”) and the client has not received an Invitation to Apply., until a decision to renew or cancel the contract is made. The Client will not be entitled to a refund for any of the fees paid prior to the Expiration Date. 



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