Have you ever imagined getting your DREAM JOB in Canada?

06 May, 2021

Have you ever imagined getting your DREAM JOB in Canada?

Have you ever imagined getting your DREAM JOB in Canada even before getting here?

(Oh, and with a salary 130% HIGHER than expected)

One of our clients just achieved it!

With 3 months of planning and another 3 months participating in hiring processes, she will land in Canada working in her dream job, for her dream company!

Besides the AMAZING job offer, the client had several other companies interested in hiring her!

Helping you get your dream job in Canada is our mission! 

We believe that you can achieve amazing results when you stay committed to the process and receive appropriate guidance and support along the way!

Here is more about the journey we went on together:

1. We took the time to understand the market, her expertise and set clear goals. By doing this, we knew exactly how to communicate her experience in a compelling and impactful manner.

2. We created a great resume, cover letter, and optimized her Linkedin profile.

3. We targeted specific employers and developed a step-by-step networking strategy where she focused 80% of her time as opposed to online applications.

4. We took the time to understand hiring processes and practice for #interviews, always striving to wow the interviewers.

5. She also went through a Panel discussion. It involved a lot of research, presentations, practise, and refinement.

We spent 30+ hours working together!

Are you ready to go on this journey to get your dream job?

Contact us today and get ready for the best career support!

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