15 August, 2016



This pammarized the information from that meeting so that you can be aware of possible chast July, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) met with stakeholders in Ontario to discuss possible policy changes to the Express Entry system. We have sunges to the Express Entry system (it is important to note that the proposed changes mentioned in this post are not law or in effect).

The Department is considering potential changes in the following areas:

Arranged employment according to current IRCC rules (both the level of points and requirements)
Canadian study experience
Candidates with siblings living in Canada
French-speaking candidates who wish to live outside Quebec
Candidates with semi-skilled work experience (NOC type C occupations)

Potential changes to arranged employment could include the following:
A significant reduction in points awarded to candidates with offers of arranged employment. This would no longer guarantee an initiation, but it would still significantly increase the chance of being invited to apply for Permanent Residency.
Exempting certain candidates from validating the arranged employment offers via the Labour Market Impact Assessment process.
Changing the length of job offers from “indeterminate” to “one year”.

Potential changes for Canadian studies:
Awarding “bonus” points to candidates with valid Canadian educational credentials, in addition to the base points that candidates receive for their level of education.
Providing a higher level of points to candidates with higher level Canadian credentials (ie undergraduate or graduate level studies).

Potential changes for candidates with siblings in Canada:
The government has committed to providing “bonus” points for candidates with siblings in Canada. This includes half and step siblings.

Potential changes for French speaking candidates:
The government has committed to providing “bonus” points for French-speaking Candidates who intend to settle outside Quebec.
Providing a higher level of points to French-speaking candidates with better English proficiency.

Potential changes for Semi-skilled workers
The government is considering modifying the work experience requirement to include semi-skilled (NOC C level positions) in the Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class applications.
If you don’t currently meet the requirements for Express Entry, these policy change proposals could mean that you may qualify in the near future. However, they are simply ideas at this point. The best to do now is to speak to an Immigration Consultant who can tell you exactly where your application needs to be strengthened so that you have a better chance of receiving an ITA. Do you want more information about it? Schedule an appointment with us so we can inform you of the best strategy for your Canadian immigration. To schedule, please click here or send an email to

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