Government of Canada Announces New Measures for Travelers

19 November, 2021

Government of Canada Announces New Measures for Travelers

Government of Canada Announces New Measures for Travelers

-> As of November 30, vaccination will be required for air and rail travel within and to depart Canada. A valid COVID19 molecular test will no longer be accepted as an alternative to vaccination.

-> Vaccinated Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or persons registered under the Indian Act, who re-enter Canada within 72 hours of leaving the country will not have to complete a pre-entry molecular test result.

-> For trips out of the country longer than 72 hours, all travellers eligible to enter  Canada must complete the mandatory pre-entry molecular COVID-19 test. 

-> Foreign nationals, including those residing in Canada temporarily (e.g., international students, workers) will still be required to provide proof of a valid pre-entry molecular test, even for trips of less than 72 hours.

-> Travellers can use proof of vaccination credential issued by their province or territory or from their country of vaccination, as long as it is a COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Government of Canada.

-> Also effective November 30, 2021, Canada will expand the list of COVID-19 vaccines that travellers can receive to be considered fully vaccinated, it's will include Sinopharm, Sinovac and COVAXIN.

-> Travellers should check if they are eligible to enter Canada and meet all entry requirements before heading to the border.  Check both the federal and provincial or territorial restrictions and requirements before travelling.

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