How to immigrate to Canada after 40 years old

18 March, 2021

How to immigrate to Canada after 40 years old

Questions about the possibility of immigrating to Canada after 40 are increasing especially from those who have children, and because of the economy of some countries, they choose Canada to offer a better quality of life for their family.

There are several ways to live in Canada as a permanent resident!

Although the age factor can reduce the options for immigration processes, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a factor that makes it impossible. One possibility is to recover the points lost due to age in other areas of the Canadian Government's requirements.


The Express Entry score gradually decreases after the age of 30, when the applicant loses about 5 points each birthday. At 40, the loss is even greater: there are 10 points less per year and, at 45, the candidate no longer receives points in terms of age.


Proficiency in French and English, for example, has a significant weight in the Express Entry process, which may be exactly what sets you apart at the time of selection. Even though not everyone is aware of this information, the clb 7 in french + clb 5 in english can add 50 additional points to the candidate's profile.


Previous work and study experiences in Canada can also be a deciding factor for applicants over 40 years of age. 

The Express Entry system awards up to  30 points to those with Canadian academic training and up to 80 points for 1 year of work in the country in an occupation considered high skilled (NOC 0, A or B)

Canada currently has more than 80 programs aimed at receiving foreigners in the country. And the best: in addition to the options made available by the federal government, Canada also has several selection systems for immigrants at the provincial level, many of which are not age restricted - and usually are the most suitable options for applicants over 40, especially because some of them can add 600 points to your Express Entry profile after the nomination!


Remember: the age factor will not make your immigration process impossible but make sure to understand your profile and make the right planning according to it!

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