Which is a better country to live in, Canada or Australia?

25 March, 2021

Which is a better country to live in, Canada or Australia?

If you’re thinking about immigrating to a new country, it’s likely that you’ve considered a few possibilities for where you would move. Canada is a great country, especially for immigrants, but why wouldn’t you compare your options before picking a location to start a new life?

Today, we are going to present you some differences between Canada and another popular destination: Australia!


Cost Of Living

Australia is considered somewhat more expensive as compared to Canada. Of course, this varies from city to city. 

But, if we compare the cost of living, considering dinner in restaurants, groceries and transportation, Canada is 17.7% cheaper than Australia.



Higher education in Canada is more affordable than in Australia. The fees charged by most institutions in Australia is slightly higher if compared to the Canadian ones. 

The estimated cost in Canada for tuition fees are $10,000 to $30,000 per year while in Australia the amounts are​​ around $15,000 to $33,000 per year.



Canada - 

Basic health care is free in Canada for most  of its residents and it's delivered through Medicare. Each province has their own eligibility. Health care costs are also lower here.  

Australia - 

Australia features a robust healthcare system. You’ll have access to medicare when you become a permanent resident. However, many Australians prefer to take out private health insurance so that they can cover costs  for dental and specialist care.



Both countries have excellent job opportunities and working culture. The pay in Australia is slightly higher than in Canada. But jobs are usually easier to find in Canada due to more occupations in demand for the skilled workers.



In general, it could be said that immigrating to Canada is easier than Australia, especially considering the 2021 panorama.

Canada has more categories (occupations) available for immigration, aiming those abroad and also the temporary residents already living in the country.

Let's compare the two most popular immigration programs - Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program and Australia’s Skilled Independent program (subclass 189):

  • Both target new immigrants with skilled work experience. 

  • Neither of them require applicants to have a connection to the country in terms of work experience, educational experience, or a job offer. 

  • The two immigration programs are excellent choices for highly qualified skilled workers from any country, regardless of whether or not they have any relation to the country to which they wish to immigrate.

  • The end result of both of these programs is permanent resident status.

  • Similarly, both of these programs utilize points-based systems to determine eligibility and to select applicants. 

We’ve taken the time to compare these points systems below.

Canada demonstrates an advantage in terms of both processing time and cost of immigration.

Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker program charges total fees of CAD $ 1,575 for the main applicant and CAD $ 825 for a spouse or common-law partner, plus an additional CAD $ 225 per minor dependent. Though, applicants to programs under the Express Entry system should be aware of the various other costs they can expect during the immigration process.

Australia’s Independent Skills program costs CAD $ 3,940 for the main applicant, plus an additional CAD $1,970  for a spouse or partner, and CAD $ 990 per child. As the Canadian immigration, applicants for the Australian process should expect a range of other costs for documentation, postage, etc.

Canada’s Express Entry system boasts a speedy processing of 80% of all applications within 6 months of receipt. Australia’s Independent Skills program states that 75% of applications are processed within 8 months of receipt.


Is it better to live in Australia or Canada?

It’s hard to say which is better. It depends on personal style, profile, and preference. Both countries offer a fantastic lifestyle, have great infrastructure, and strong economies.


You can check more informations watching this video:

But if you would like our help to immigrate to Canada, feel free to reach out for our FREE Assessment and contact us.

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